UFC 125 Rocked!

Hey, sports fans!
 Beto here with the latest, greatest and most fabulous happenings in the sporting world. It's been a busy week so here goes:
UFC 125: Hotness! And by hot I mean the temperature in the arena. I was cageside in the press area right near Joey Rogan. Remember him? He was on the fantastic show about the good old radio days? It was called "News Radio"! I miss that show. Who knew he was such a fight aficionado? He def knows his stuff and I have a deep deep respect for him. He called the fights fair and square and he does great interviews with the guys in the hexagon after every fight. Very informative! Thanks, Joey! If there's ever a "News Radio" Christmas special, I'll be watchin!
Anyway, here's Beto's take!
Maynard versus Edgar: Gray's takedowns were the difference in the fight. Plus his shorts were amazing! Very snug and allowed all the ladies to see how his long, hard work in the gym prepared him for the duel to the death. Oh, he lost by the way. But he totally should have won. Dana White? The bald, cursing Irishman who owns the UFC? Well, he's giving him an IMMEDIATE rematch! Well, played Mr. White! We get to see the boys do it all over again! Maybe Gray can do a DVD on his training technique. I know that if I was ripped like he was I'd have all the girls.
Speaking of girls? The ring-side girls? Hotness! Best. Outfits. Ever.
Leban versus Stann: This fight featured bad-boy Chris Leben against the pretty boy Marine Corp General known as Brian Stann. The fight was good. Both fighters looked super cut and ripped. The fight was super entertaining! Again, Joe Rogan was going Monkey-Nuts in his praise of Leben's 'Iron Chin'! And lo and behold the Stann, the General (who directed the War in Iraq, my sources tell me) used a potent mix of Karate and Kung-Fu to pop Leben on his chin and send him to the land of Nod! He was asleep after his knock out! So the bad boy Leben gets to nurse his wounds back in the land of Hawaii while the General goes back to Albuquerque and have many oil wrestling matches in the Greg Jackson's Camp for Boys Who Love to Hit Boys. It's a win-win!
I'd like to send a big thank you for the Todd and the others for throwing me such a nice 'Welcome Aboard' luncheon at the local iHop! I look forward to being part of the team for many days to come!