Wow, what a agressive movie I have just seen! This movie is very strong with anger and blood use! And is not for the skweemish or the elderly! I don't know why Hollywood makes movies about such hateful peoples! I think that Daniel Day Louise should stick to being a heart throb and leave the grumpy old men parts for Harrison Fords to act in!

The movie is called "There Will Be Bloods" and it's about a man called Daniel Planesview (Daniel Day Louise playing Daniel Planesview, Oh Brother how creative! - NOT!!!) First Daniel finds oil and then finds more oils! He has a bad temper and likes to sleep on the floor alot! One time he's sleeping in a bowling alley, when a preacher comes to ask him for some money for church. But this angers Daniel so he yells to the preacher and tells the preacher he's going to drink a Milkshake! BUT HE NEVER EVEN MAKES A SHAKE!!! Then he kills...


the preacher with a bowling log after eating steak right in front of him wiyhout offering him a single bite! Tell me about insults and injuries!!! How rude!!

Oh, I also forgot that earler in the movie, Daniel finds a baby in a suitcase who grows up to be his son, who can hear at first, but later on he can't...


hear because he gets oiled on. But luckily for him, later on he learns to talk through an interpter who looks like Max Headroom without the glasses, and with some shorter hairs on his head. Then Daniel disowns...


his son because his son wants to open his own gas station. Daniel says "NO, then you will be my competishun, you bastard in a basket! You bastard in a basket! You're a bastard in a basket!"

THis movie didn't have any good sexy parts, but it did teach a very strong lesson about Oil, and how America should stop having to get oils from other places like Arab and Egypt! I think There Will Be Bloods was very unheartening and will make you wish you had never seen it. I hope if they make a sequel, Daniel Day Louise will say "No thank you. I will not be in THAT movie!"

Thumbs down. ;(